Danay Parra

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Esperamos que habran sus mentes a la realidad,

lo que se esconde ante tus ojos.

Son muchos los secretos que EEUU esconde,

pero, ¿de verdad crees que existan?

y si existen ¿Cuáles son?

This work is about the lies that USA tells us about the space,

and also we will show real images and information about this topic,

which make you know the truth.

one of these topic is the theorie of "the empty earth",

which said that there is life under the earth,

and this is only one of all the truth cloaking.

Now is time you decide if you think what is the reality,

and you will understand many things about USA.

It's time to know the truth!!!

Un aporte de: 3º Medio 2008 - Colegio Navarra - Todos los derechos reservados®